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Staying below 1.5 degrees is the only chance we have of avoiding these tipping points and stabilising our World again.

Sir David Attenborough
COP26 People's Advocate addressing G7 leaders, June 2021.

What is 1.5 MAX?

1.5 MAX is an educational event that brings eleven Scottish schools together with schools from Mozambique, Malawi and Nepal. Participants will study the ongoing climate and ecological emergency (CEE) while facilitators, students, and teachers work together to become more knowledgeable about the challenges CEE presents to the global environment, to governments and policy-makers, and to the lives of people all over the World.

Why 1.5 MAX?

The Scottish government has one of the most progressive education policies in the World; one which specifically entitles every pupil to a Climate Education. We believe that 1.5 MAX will be an important step towards developing a school-centred approach to Climate Education and related issues - informing models which could ultimately be applied across the region, as well as nationally, and perhaps even globally.

When is 1.5 MAX?

The summit will take place from 5th to 7th October 2021. The products, pledges and video stories developed by each participating school will be showcased on this web site ahead of the UN's COP26 Climate Change Conference, held in Glasgow, 1st to 12th November 2021. We hope 1.5 MAX will inspire schools across participating regions to hold their own versions of the summit in response to COP26 and the ongoing climate and ecological emergency.

Who is 1.5 MAX?

Although this event has been organised by Sustainability Partnerships in close collaboration with their partners from Education Scotland, Learning for Sustainability Scotland, and Climate 2050 Group, the heart of 1.5 MAX will be the schools, pupils, and teachers taking part from Scotland, Mozambique, Malawi and Nepal.


Sustainability Partnerships will be providing all the resources teachers and schools will need to run their own 1.5 MAX summit - either as an off-timetable event in collaboration with other schools, as an on-timetable program integrated across multiple subject disciplines, or as a solo-teacher initiative run over a number of days.

Check out our Resources Page for details.


The inaugural 1.5 MAX summit will run from 5th to 7th October 2021. Please check back later for a round-up of the event and to see what students have produced!


Please feel free to contact the 1.5 MAX team by Email or via our social media.

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1.5 MAX has been made possible with funding from the 2050 Climate Group’s 2050x fund.