1.5 MAX is a range of online and in-situ educational initiatives developed by Sustainability Partnerships in collaboration with schools, teachers, education authorities, academics, charities, and others.

1.5 MAX connects international schools together to share their experiences and learn about the local, regional, and global impacts of climate change.

1.5 MAX works with schools and other youth groups to foster community-focused approaches for positive change on the climate issues that matter most to young people.

Sandy Boyd: Keynote Speaker, 1.5 MAX 2021

More than just a summit

1.5 MAX pivots around a three-day Global School's Climate Summit, supplemented by pre-summit climate and sustainability education and post-summit Eco Club activities.

Janakalyan Secondary School - Kawasoti, Nepal - Pupils and Teachers Climate Pledges

The summit framework takes a Blended Learning approach to climate and sustainability education and is designed to allow schools from different regions to collaborate across a number of activities. The summit framework has also been developed as a way to directly connecting young people so that they can share their stories and discuss their concerns in a supportive setting.

Boroughmuir High School - Edinburgh, Scotland - Teachers and pupils make Climate Pledges

While students and young people gain a better understanding of the factors driving Global Warming and Climate Change though participating in a 1.5 MAX event, they do so in a way which acknowledges the similarities and the differences in how those factors play out across different regions. As Sandy Boyd, on of the keynote speakers at 1.5 MAX 2021 put it, "We are all in the same storm, but we are not all in the same boat."

As a raft of initiatives 1.5 MAX respects and prioritises the rights and the voices of young people, offering them tools to explore and understand the local, regional, and global issues their generation faces. Empowering young people to become responsible, active-citizens who can address their concerns through positive action for change within their communities is the primary focus of all 1.5 MAX projects.

Pupil Testimony

"I really enjoyed getting to know the school in Nepal and finding out about the extreme problems they are facing due to climate change. The country comparison was also mind opening and some of the statistics we looked at really struck me."

"I really enjoyed it! I was able to speak to other schools and I was very inspired by other school’s actions and I think we can apply that to our community."

"I learned a lot about how climate change could worsen over the next few years if nothing is done and what other people and countries are doing to solve the problem. I feel like I learned more about climate change than I could in any other circumstance, and I found out how little I actually knew about climate change."

2021 Pupil Survey

Are you a climate-concerned educator?

Information for teachers, headteachers, education authorities, and others who are looking to develop a citizen-led approach to climate and sustainability education can be found here.

1.5 MAX: Community Climate Allies:

Our projects benefit greatly from the participation of university-aged students and young people who act as a bridge between the primary organiser, Sustainability Partnerships and the participants themselves. Community Climate Allies play a vital coordinating and facilitation role throughout the life-cycle of a summit. More information about Community Climate Allies can be found here.

Email: team (at) 1 (dot) 5max (dot) org