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Pupils build skills in a variety of areas

1.5 MAX creates a rich and vibrant environment for learning that compliments and develops skills in areas such as group working, leadership, creativity, self-management, communication, and presentation.

Reducing Eco Anxiety

The focus on local issues scales-down the large problems and gives participants confidence that they can make a difference through their own individual actions as well as though campaigning for governments to act on the bigger issues. Meaningful engagement and practical action help reduce anxiety by providing a creative and social outlet for pupils to make a difference. (Nature, Sept 2021)

Broadening Horizons

We can report that pupils in Scotland are astonished to see the lives lived by their peers in other countries. Likewise, pupils in countries most affected by climate change are astonished by the lives Scottish pupils lead. Building stronger links at the ground-level is a powerful tool in improving understanding and empathy within and between communities, and this in turn makes it more likely that action on climate change will succeed.

A transforming perspective

1.5 MAX provides transformative education experiences that give learners and teachers time to see climate and sustainability issues from different social and ethical perspectives. Through direct contact and experience the summit open the minds of all participants to the possibility of changing their world views.

Howard Beck"1.5 MAX is a much needed opportunity to raise the subject of climate and sustainability education, empowerment and action. Education, empowerment and action is vital to avoid runaway climate change and environmental degradation, and for mitigating the impacts that have already happened, to adapt to those that are inevitable, and to manage the risks of future disasters"
— Howard Beck: co-founder, Sustainability Partnerships

Become part of 1.5 MAX

Are you a local education authority or teacher interested in the upcoming 1.5 MAX Global Schools' Climate Summits? Whether your a climate-concerned head or teacher, or interested in developing climate and sustainability education resources, we invite you to for more information, or register your interest with the link below.

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Professional Development

Helping to facilitate the summit provides an opportunity to try different approaches to climate education than are not usually possible under the constraints of the normal school timetable. Working collaboratively with other schools opens doors to new ways of doing things, and through the summit framework teachers are presented with an opportunity to help drive positive change at school, local, and national levels simply by enabling their pupils to be successful in their projects.

Scotland has some of the most progressive climate education policies in the world. If you're a teacher in the Scottish Education system, here are some things which highlight how 1.5 MAX aligns with Scottish education policy and teaching best-practice.

Teachers are demanding it

As we know, many teachers are already aware of the importance of accessing high-quality, high-value, high-impact climate and environmental education content for their learners. In the UK a 2019 YouGov report for Oxfam and SOS (PDF) canvassed teacher's views on climate education. It found that:

  • 86% of UK teachers are personally concerned about climate change
  • 70% of UK teachers agreed that the current UK education legislation needs radical change to make the education system fit for the times we live in
  • 89% of UK teachers agreed that students should always be taught about climate change, its implications for environments and societies around the world and how these implications can be addressed
  • 69% of UK teachers think there should be more teaching in UK schools about climate change, its implications for environments and societies around the world and how these implications can be addressed
  • Only 18% of UK teachers say they have received adequate training to educate students about climate change, its implications for the environment and societies around the world and how these implications can be addressed

Young people are already very concerned about the Climate and Ecological Emergency. A recent poll of Scottish young adults showed that 96% of 18-24 year olds are concerned about climate change, and that 73% are very concerned (IPSOS, Jan 2021)

Taking part in a 1.5 MAX summit contributes to addressing the personal and professional concerns of teachers, and the concerns they have on behalf of their pupils.

It's what teachers want 2 

"The summit and the group members have inspired me. The plan we have to take forward is workable and I feel activated and motivated to inspire change at my school - I do not want our involvement to be just lip service. I genuinely want to see action."
— Participating teacher, 1.5 MAX 2021

"This kind of summit was new for me. At first, I did not have any idea that how to make my students involve in the summit. Pre- summit sessions became very helpful. Students of different schools and different countries came together and shared their ideas on climate change. This idea inspired me very much [...] Before the summit, I was limited within my locality. Now I have been able to share our problem statement and study others problem statement. I have been feeling myself to be a global citizen."
— Participating teacher, 1.5 MAX 2021

Teacher's Survey 2021

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