Supporting young people to support each other

The 1.5 MAX Community Climate Allies are a group of dedicated university-aged young adults who act as a bridge between schools and their pupils and the project’s coordinating organisation, Sustainability Partnerships.

1.5 MAX Community Climate Allies play an important coordinating role in our initiatives helping to coordinate and facilitate climate education workshops and activities.

If you are a university-aged young adult interested in being involved with a global initiative that brings international schools and students together to address climate and environmental issues, and then to take action for positive change in their communities?, then please read on...

Greta Thunberg“If we are to stay below the 1.5 degrees of warming limits we need to change almost everything. We need to start living within the planetary boundaries. This will be a drastic change for many but not for most – because most of the world’s population is already living within the planetary boundaries. It is a minority who are not.”
— Greta Thunberg, Stockholm, 2019

What we're all about

1.5 MAX is an educational initiative directly connecting school pupils from climate vulnerable regions to schools in Scotland. 1.5 MAX is a range of initiatives which pivot around a thre-day Global Summit where schools and their students meet online and in classrooms to learn about, discuss, and plan for a more sustainable future.

St Anthony’s Community Day Secondary School - Zomba, Malawi - Day 3 Janakalyan Secondary School - Kawasoti, Nepal - Pupils present their work North West Community College - Dumfries, Scotland - Activity D, Country Comparisons Keynote speaker - Carmen Munhequete - Mozambique Josina Machel Secondary School - Maputo, Mozambique - Day 2 Sgoil Lionacleit - Na h-Eileanan, Scotland - Pupils reviewing the Country Fact Files Josina Machel Secondary School - Maputo, Mozambique - Acitivity A, Video Stories Janakalyan Secondary School - Kawasoti, Nepal - Activity D, Country Comparisons St Anthony’s Community Day Secondary School - Zomba, Malawi - Examining Problem Statements Ideas Lab Review Panel - Conference Call - 07 October 2021 Força do Povo Secondary School - Maputo, Mozambique - Teacher and pupils introduce themselves Janakalyan Secondary School - Kawasoti, Nepal - Pupils and Teachers Climate Pledges Castlebay Community School - Na h-Eileanan Siar, Scotland - Pupils and their Climate Pledges

During a 1.5 MAX summit pupiles get to know each other as they study the ongoing Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) together and learn about the different challenges CEE presents around the world. They then harness their creativity and critical thinking skills and collaborate to develop solutions and actions for positive change relevant to their own lives and communities.

By offering schools and their students a tailored space to prioritise climate education and action, 1.5 MAX gives young people the opportunity to shape the direction their schools and communities will take towards a sustainable future.

Interest-based Opportunities

Do you have, or are interested in developing experience in:

  • research and data exploration
  • video editing and graphic design
  • article writing, journalism or editorial skills
  • re-wilding and community projects
  • communicating climate science and social issues to a global audience
  • leadership and governance
  • promotion, event management and marketing
  • law and climate justice issues
  • connecting to students overseas

If so, we'd like to hear from you! Please feel free to get in touch via our social media or you can .

Get Involved

As we all know, it is the following generations who will be left with the responsibility of dealing with the devastating consequences that global heating is bringing. At this most pivotal moment we believe that directly involving and connecting young people is desperately needed to address these important issues - a vital and necessary step towards a better, sustainable, more equitable future for all.

Can you help?

Listening to the voices of students, pupils, and young people, and bringing their concerns and ideas to the fore to set their own climate agendas and goals is crucial to the future well-being of everyone and everything on the planet. This is why we are looking to increase 1.5 MAX engagement with young adults and have created a team called 1.5 MAX Community Climate Allies. As a Community Climate Ally you will have unique opportunities to work directly with schools and to take a lead in designing learning experiences for school-age children around your ideas, interests, skills and passions.

We have opportunities for young people to participate across a number of areas and roles, including in direct school engagement through Community Climate Allies, along with the communication of science and social issues, research, promotion and events, and more.

If you are interested, or simply would like to find out a bit more about our initiatives, please get in touch with a member of our team via our Twitter or to find out more.

Information events

We are also holding regular information events that are accessible and open to everyone. Please come along if you would like to learn more about 1.5 MAX, get involved, or even just talk about climate and related-issues with some like-minded people! Check our Twitter or to find about upcoming events.

Children smiling“There may be no greater, growing threat facing the world’s children – and their children – than climate change.”
— UNICEF: Unless We Act Now
The Impact of Climate Change on Children, 2015 (PDF)


Information for Teachers

Email: team (at) 1 (dot) 5max (dot) org