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Scotland: Progressing towards sustainability education

Scotland has some of the most progressive climate education policies in the world. If you're a teacher in the Scottish Education system, here are some things which highlight how 1.5 MAX aligns with Scottish education policy and teaching best-practice.

"1.5 MAX has opened my eyes, that we should be more conscious to control the effects of climate change. Now I have formed a Eco Club to create awareness on it ..."
—Teacher participant, 1.5 MAX 2021

Teacher's Survey 2021

Professional Benefits of 1.5 MAX for Scottish Teachers

Teachers in Scotland can benefit professionally from 1.5 MAX in a myriad of ways. More than anything, it allows us to meet our obligations to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD for 2030).

Below are just a few examples of prominent legislation which calls for teachers facilitating pupils' leadership of learning in the school and the community, as well as prominence given to climate change and sustainability as part of a whole school approach:

National Performance Framework:

  • "Young people's participation [in their education]"
  • "Children's voice [are heard]"
  • "We value, enjoy, protect and enhance our environment"

GTCS Professional Standards for Registration:

  • "Learning for sustainability has been embedded within the Standards for Registration to support teachers in actively embracing and promoting principles and practices of sustainability in all aspects of their work."

Professional values:

  • "Embracing locally and globally the educational and social values of sustainability, equality and justice and recognising the rights and responsibilities of future as well as current generations."

Professional actions:

  • " develop realistic and coherent interdisciplinary contexts for learning, particularly in relation to sustainability"

Kenneth Muir Report: Putting Learners at the Centre:

  • "The current generation of learners see climate change as one of the most significant issues facing their futures and, as such, must be recognised as a key driver influencing the future of our education system."

How Good is Our School (HGIOS4):

  • "To what extent does our school team have a shared understanding of interdisciplinary learning and how to develop it as an important context for learning?"
  • "[Learners] take ownership of their own learning and thinking. [...] They can ask questions, make connections across disciplines, envisage what might be possible and not possible, explore ideas, identify problems and seek and justify solutions"
  • "Staff work collaboratively to strengthen their understanding and implementation of key national policies including […] Learning for Sustainability"
  • "The development of our curriculum is underpinned by a coherent whole school approach to learning for sustainability."
  • "Is the entitlement of learners to Learning for Sustainability being met?"

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