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Preparations in Advance of a Summit

We are aware that taking part in a 1.5 MAX summit is quite a commitment. In order to ensure that teachers and their pupils get the very most out of the experience a program of training and discussion meetings have been developed.

These pre-summit sessions are also an opportunity to meet the other members of your summit Cluster and to learn about their schools and their concerns about the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

"I think mostly what surprised me was the benefit of leaving the pupils to brainstorm. I feel that we are often cut short by a 50 minute period, and when left to generate ideas both independently and collaboratively the pupils did great things. I will definitely try to build this into my teaching more in the future."
—Participating Teacher, 1.5 MAX 2021

Teacher Survey 2021

Pre-summit meetings

Seven 1-hour weekly meetings take place in the run-up to the summit, covering:

  • an introduction to your Community Climate Allies
  • introduction to foundational climate concepts, including:
    • Climate vs Weather
    • Greenhouse Gasses And Global Heating
    • Carbon Budget
    • Climate & Ecological Emergency
    • Mitigation vs Adaptation
    • Impacts and Urgency
    • Climate Justice
    • Climate Change, Children and Young People
    • The Paris Agreement and COP
    • View the supporting material
  • basic training in ways of working and the use of summit technology: Teams, WhatsApp, Wakelets etc
  • review of the supporting material for the summit
  • break-down of the activities, schedule, and comprehensive teaching guidance
  • how to prepare material for sharing and showcasing
  • preparation for the 'Getting to Know You' session
  • 'Problem Statement' preparation for the 'Ideas Lab' sessions

Become part of 1.5 MAX

Are you a local education authority or teacher interested in the upcoming 1.5 MAX Global Schools' Climate Summits? Whether your a climate-concerned head or teacher, or interested in developing climate and sustainability education resources, we invite you to for more information, or register your interest with the link below.

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About the meetings

Along with your invitation to the pre-summit meetings you will receive an information pack containing all the relevant information and material you will need.

The extent of the training will depend on what teachers already know. Some teachers may already be familiar with key concepts like the greenhouse effect and carbon budgets, Microsoft Teams and Wakelets, where others may not. The meetings are a chance to explore and discuss things in a friendly and supportive group setting.

The training is designed to ensure everyone has a common grounding, and to give teachers an opportunity to ask questions about the summit and how it will be run. At least one member of your Cluster will have taken part in a 1.5 MAX summit already. By the end of these seven meetings you will have a good idea how to get the most out the summit and how to best support your learners.

Email: team (at) 1 (dot) 5max (dot) org