1.5 MAX 2021 : pupil participation survey

In early October of 2021, during the run-up to COP26, Sustainability Partnerships along with 2050 Climate Group, the British Council and other partners, organised the first three-day '1.5 MAX Global Schools' Climate Summit'.

This collaborative event took place in classrooms and online and involved 11 Scottish secondary schools along with four schools from Mozambique, Malawi, and Nepal.

Participants were invited to complete a short questionnaire at the end of each day. These are the 97 anonymised responses to that survey. A general overview of the responses to all the questions can be found here.

Day 1 .01
"I really enjoyed Day 1 of the 1.5 Max Summit. I learned so much about the effects of climate change on other parts of the world, and I found it inspiring and empowering to hear the stories of people going through these effects. I am very excited for Day 2 and Day 3!"
Day 1 .02
"I found it great being able to talk to schools in the Western Isles and Janakalyan was an excellent experience."
Day 1 .03
"It was loads of fun and had our whole group working together and talking, and I'm hoping tomorrow we will take our ideas further :)"
Day 1 .04
"It was good and was very informative about the problems of climate change."
Day 1 .05
"I found it amazing that i could speak to so many people about climate change and im excited for the next few days!!! "
Day 1 .06
"Session was superb. It was our new taste. Our kids really enjoyed the first day and waiting the next session eagerously. However, we became more familier and global citizens. "
Day 1 .07
"It was very interesting to listen and talk to Janakalyan School from Nepal and hear about the problems they are facing due to climate change."
Day 1 .08
"We got to find out about other schools experiences with climate change and some of the quiet drastic differences between the schools, it was that some what off shock and hit quite hard and empowered us to think about what we can do "
Day 1 .09
"It was very interesting learning about the climate situation in other countries and how they're affected by flooding, pollution etc. "
Day 1 .10
"I really enjoyed getting to know the school in Nepal and finding out about the extreme problems they are facing due to climate change. The country comparison was also mind opening and some of the statistics we looked at really struck me. "
Day 1 .11
"I found it empowering and i got inspired to sign up for futures for Fridays"
Day 1 .12
"i thought that it was good, as well as going into further depth involving intersectional environmentalism."
Day 1 .13
"I found it very good and it was nice to get to know everyone else’s situations and problems with climate change. It was also good to hear from experts and people in charge of these large organisations like oxfam."
Day 1 .14
"It was all good apart from the getting to know you session. It was chaotic, too long was spent on trying to get the technology to work and organise it. The rest of the day was good."
Day 1 .15
"I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before and became aware of things I hadn’t known previously."
Day 1 .16
"I really enjoyed it! I was able to speak to other schools and I was very inspired by other school’s actions and I think we can apply that to our community."
Day 1 .17
"It was really interesting and I learnt a lot about others schools issues with climate change."
Day 1 .18
"i found it educational and interesting."
Day 1 .19
"I enjoyed the getting to know you session. It was interesting to see how climate change affected other schools. Different "
Day 1 .20
"I really enjoyed the events on Day 1, I liked seeing schools from other countries and hearing the keynote speakers talk about things I wouldn't have known otherwise. At times the technology cut out and we missed things the other schools were saying but overall it was great!"
Day 1 .21
"I got to learn lots of new things and was able to learn about other countries and how climate change is currently affecting them. It was incredibly informative."
Day 1 .22
"it was interesting to see so many different schools and how they cope with climate change."
Day 1 .23
"It was good but the keynote speakers session needs to be cut down a bit "
Day 1 .24
"it was very informative but it lacked other information also there wasnt much new things learned"
Day 1 .25
"It was an interesting day, glad I am taking part to learn so much on climate change and its effect on different countries and areas of the world."
Day 1 .26
"I found day 1 very educational about how climate change is affecting other countries. I learned a lot about how climate change could worsen over the next few years if nothing is done and what other people and countries are doing to solve the problem. I feel like I learned more about climate change than I could in any other circumstance, and I found out how little I actually knew about climate change."
Day 1 .27
"during the first day, carbon footprint and water; all of these surprising for the countries I was comparing. I found the first day highly enjoyable and realised how little i really know about how climate change is affecting others around the world."
Day 1 .28
"I found day 1 an interesting and insightful day that allowed me to broaden my knowledge of climate change and realise to what extent the issue is affecting the rest of the world, this opened my eyes to climate change and allowed me to see the problems faced by the rest of the world. Day 1 was a great day and I feel like together we can fight this."
Day 1 .29
"I fell it was really informative where i discovered how damaging climate change really is and how uneducated people still are. It was interesting to discover other on going issues globally to see how at risk all aspects of the world is fighting against."
Day 1 .30
"I really enjoyed day 1 of the summit. I learnt many new things and have become more aware of the problems which our affecting our planet and what measures we need to take to fix them."
Day 1 .31
"the key speaker presentations were informative and the videos we watched were quite inspiring."
Day 1 .32
"I enjoyed the events of one however there were some problems with the call but it didn't take away much from the rest."
Day 1 .33
"I think it worked quite well however I think the 'getting to know you session' could have run a bit better but that may have just been due to technology."
Day 1 .34
Day 1 .35
Day 1 .36
"I found it inspiring."
Day 1 .37
"It was eye-opening and inspirational. I really enjoyed it."
Day 1 .38
"My experience of day 1 was good because I learn something new."
Day 1 .39
"It was very fun and inspiring."
Day 1 .40
"we enjoyed all of it. We got to meet schools in other countries . The video made me determined to do something."
Day 1 .41
"Our group (WI Lewis & Harris) really enjoyed Activities A & D too. Also we have pupils from 2 schools: Nicolson Institute & Sir E Scott attending. Good day, we enjoyed it."
Day 1 .42
"I found it so inspiring. I can't wait for tomorrow."
Day 1 .43
"I found Day 1 really interesting and I am very excited to be part of such an amazing summit! I also found it really inspirational and although climate change can be quite a scary issue to think about I now feel even more inspired to try and tackle this issue and reckon this summit will really help the schools solve their issues."
Day 1 .44
"I found the comparisons of the countries really cool, especially finding out that only two countries are actually meeting their climate goals!"
Day 2 .45
"I liked the work relating to our own schools and how we can improve, that felt productive."
Day 2 .46
"I have really enjoyed Day 2 of the 1.5 Max Summit. I really liked how interactive today was and how we were working in teams."
Day 2 .47
"our kids understood that this plannet is for all creatures, must be saved. Realized to do immediate action to minimize the causes of climate change. We should for our future children."
Day 2 .48
Day 2 .49
"i think that there was a lot more in depth discussions today and more in school planning and changes are taking place."
Day 2 .50
Day 2 .51
"I thought it was brilliant to spend a whole day discussing solutions to our waste issue and I thought we really did come up with an amazing idea! I'm really looking forward to putting our plan of the interdisciplinary climate lessons into action!"
Day 2 .52
"It was alright. I would have liked to talk to different schools more instead of just talking."
Day 2 .53
Day 2 .54
"I found it interesting and inspiring."
Day 2 .55
"Very interesting, and I learned more things."
Day 2 .56
"Was very good, I learned more things and I improve my knowlodge."
Day 2 .57
"It was a very good"
Day 2 .58
"I found it really interesting and informative as well as fun and creative."
Day 2 .59
"I enjoyed it very much and it has inspired me to take action a lot more."
Day 2 .60
"I found day 2 very informing and inspirational, sorting out all the solutions to our problems was very fun and it was nice to be planning ahead."
Day 2 .61
"Good stuff"
Day 2 .62
"I found it fun innit."
Day 2 .63
"I found it fun and interesting but it felt a bit slow at times."
Day 2 .64
"It was fun learning about how climate change affects all of us and how we can help stop it."
Day 2 .65
"A lot more active learning and going round the school and phycially seeing problems that face our school, I enjoyed coming up with solutions and feeling like our solutions will be heard and atcually taken into consideration."
Day 2 .66
"very swag :)"
Day 2 .67
"I found it quite interesting, informative and really fun."
Day 2 .68
"Day 2 was very informative and encouraging to help."
Day 2 .69
"It feels incredibly encouraging knowing that we are going to able to make a difference, especially with the support of our Head Teacher. It will be surreal to our solutions eventually implemented throughout the school."
Day 2 .70
"I enjoyed finding out ways to help our school be more sustainable and I like taking action rather than just talking."
Day 2 .71
Day 2 .72
"I found it interesting, informative and I just enjoyed the day."
Day 2 .73
"I really enjoyed the ideas lab. I knew more than I thought I did!"
Day 2 .74
"I went really well until it was ruined at the end when some idiot set the fire alarm off and it was raining."
Day 2 .75
"It was very education and fun. I had the opportunity to talk with my friends about climate change and what I’m learning and I got to learn about other schools and their problems and what they're doing."
Day 2 .76
"I enjoyed the ideas lab and communicating with my classmates about how we can make a difference in our community. An example of this is including climate change as it's own subject into our curriculum to educate others about the effects of their actions."
Day 2 .77
"I loved doing the JamBoard activities and also planning our product. I think the Jamboard part was fun because it brought everybodies individual ideas together into one."
Day 2 .78
"I enjoyed day 2 of 1.5 MAX. My favourite part was when we were thinking of solutions."
Day 2 .79
"I found day 2 an interesting and insightful day. I learned that people who have hardly contributed to climate change have to suffer the most. There is still hope for climate change as shown by the pledge of the children of Palau this has inspired me to do more to help people and to try my hardest to combat climate change. We can get through this together."
Day 2 .80
"We ran out of time for solutions but are going to take a day out after October holidays to complete it."
Day 2 .81
"I enjoyed working in groups and learning about what other schools are doing to combat climate change as well as what other countries are doing. I learned a lot about how we can combat climate change, or at least alleviate the problems caused."
Day 2 .82
"I enjoyed learning about the pledge the children of Palau and how it has helped to clean up their home. It has encouraged me to take action by showing that if they could come together to make such a large difference, then anything is possible. The lab ideas solutions helped to identify more that we can do in the local arenas well as the problems and solutions other schools have identified. It has helped to not only broaden my knowledge on climate change but learn about how I can personally make a difference."
Day 2 .83
"It was good!"
Day 2 .84
"I really enjoyed thinking up solutions with other people on day two."
Day 3 .85
"it felt a lot more eventful than the other days in my opinion."
Day 3 .86
"I absolutely loved Day 3 of the summit! It was so much fun creating our presentation and hearing the panel's thoughts on our ideas. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this event possible, it is definitely something I will remember forever."
Day 3 .87
"Wonderful panel event, really it was a new taste for our kids."
Day 3 .88
"It was great finally getting ideas down and making a start to the IDL."
Day 3 .89
"Seeing all the experts in the call during the panel event was really empowering, it shows that we have the support network we need in order to take action. Pledges will also help us take initiative when implementing our plans made during the summit."
Day 3 .90
"I enjoyed listening to the boards opinion on our ideas and hearing what other school have come up with. I also enjoyed finalizing our ideas for the schools problem statement and compiling the ideas into a PowerPoint."
Day 3 .91
"This one was really fun and great!"
Day 3 .92
"I enjoyed day 3 possibly the most, it improved my knowledge on climate change and how our actions impact the environment and our community."
Day 3 .93
"I loved creating a board game to showcase our work to the other schools and getting to see everyone one last time! The video stories were interesting and showed how the opinions of people on climate change differ massively."
Day 3 .94
"We wanted to pick all four of the above. I am going to tell my parents to get greener. I know about COP26 now. I want to recycle more now. even though bits were scary I am going to do my bit for the future."
Day 3 .95
"Day 3 was a fun day and I felt sad at the video at the start of the day realising the extent of which people have to deal with climate change. I enjoyed helping my school to produce our board game of the summit of life and finding the consequences of small actions on climate change. I enjoyed hearing what the panel had to say about all our schools and making my pledge at the end of the day. This was a great opportunity and one I will always remember."
Day 3 .96
Day 3 .97
"I found day 3 really fun and inspirational. I learnt lots about climate change and how our school might be able to help make the crisis better."

At A Glance

Along with the invitation to comment on their experience pupils were asked a number of question and asked to rate them from 1-5, where 1 was low/worse/bad and 5 was high/best/good. The following information represents the average rating to these questions across all respondents.

To what extent has day 1|2|3 encouraged you to do more in relation to climate change?
To what extent were the events on day 1|2|3 worthwhile?
To what extent did you learn things on day 1|2|3 that you weren't aware of before?

Pupils where also asked to select their favourite summit activity from a list.

Which was your favourite day 1|2|3 activity?
  1. Activity E: Ideas Lab Session 2 - Solutions: 29
  2. Activity C: Getting to Know You Session: 16
  3. Activity D: Country Comparisons: 15
  4. Activity E: Ideas Lab Session 1 - Problems: 9
  5. Activity B: Keynote Speakers Session: 7
  6. Activity A: Video Stories (repeated): 7
  7. Activity F: Panel Event: 6
  8. Activity E: Ideas Lab Session 3 - Communications: 5
  9. Activity G: Pledges: 2

Finally, it is worth pointing out that participation in the daily survey tailed off across over the three days of the summit.

Email: team (at) 1 (dot) 5max (dot) org