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Why 'Real World Climate Edcuation'?

People realise that now is a crucial time to address the ongoing Climate and Ecological Emergency that is starting to run out of control.

The findings of the most recent report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)* are stark in their assessments and forthright in their conclusions: only one pathway remains if we are to avoid the calamitous environmental, social and economic impacts of Global Heating - governments need to take rapid and decisive action and significantly reduce global carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. This needs to happen now.

"Through participating in 1.5 MAX I realised just how compassionate and willing to make a change my young people are. They were all so motivated and had so many great ideas. I feel as a school we have not been offering enough opportunities for the pupils to be active in the fight against climate change ..."
—Teacher participant, 1.5 MAX 2021

Teacher's Survey 2021

The 1.5 MAX approach to Climate Education

Many people agree that education has a central role to play both directly with young people and with their families and communities too. The understanding and awareness provided by education can help drive the kinds of government action needed to bring the situation under control.

1.5 MAX is an opportunity for teachers and their students to engage meaningfully with the climate change and the ecological crisis, enabling young people to build a broader, shared understanding of the nature of the problems we all face. More importantly, the summit is geared towards identifying and solving real-life climate problems that affect young people and their communities today. This combats climate anxiety by giving people an outlet for their energy and talents. You can read more about the benefits to both teachers and pupils by following the links below.

*IPCC 2022 Mitigation Report

IPCC 2022 report

The latest 2022 IPCC full Climate Change mitigation report can be found here (PDF 105MB), and the report's Summary for Policy Makers can be found found here (PDF 6MB).

A short explanatory video about the report from atmospheric physicist Dr Adam Levy can be found on YouTube here.

1.5 MAX in action

The role of teachers is crucial, and as part of 1.5 MAX we offer focused training sessions so that you know exactly how the summit runs and what your role is day-by-day, session-by-session, and the kinds of resource you might need.

Participating schools and other youth organisations are organised into self-contained groups called Clusters. In the build-up to the summit there are seven 1-hour online sessions with the other teachers in your Cluster, facilitated by an experienced trainer. Clusters typically consist of 12 schools and will include at least one participant from a previous summit so that you can always quickly find out the practical information you need in order to make things work for you.

Become part of 1.5 MAX 2022

Are you a local education authority or teacher interested in the upcoming 1.5 MAX Global Schools' Climate Summits to be held in October 2022 and March 2023? Whether your a climate-concerned head or teacher, or interested in developing climate and sustainability education resources, we invite you to for more information, or register your interest with the link below.

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1.5 MAX and Education in Scotland

Scotland has some of the most progressive climate education policies in the world. If you're a teacher in the Scottish Education system, here are some things which highlight how 1.5 MAX aligns with Scottish education policy and teaching best-practice.

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