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2021 Event Guide

The complete guide to the 1.5 MAX 2021 event, held between 5-7 October. This guide contains an overview of the event, a schedule of the activities, descriptions of each activity, plus appendices and links to supporting resources.

The 1.5 MAX 2021 Event Guide is also available in the following formats:

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Country Fact Files

We've collated basic data on 11 countries including information on geography, demographics and population, economics, politics and government, transport, energy, and waste, along with the Paris Agreement pledges of each country and their climate aspirations, policies, and progress. All the data can be viewed at the links below and downloaded in a variety of formats.

The Fact Files are available in the following formats:

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Activity A: Video Stories

A standalone version of the 'Video Stories' activity with the option to play the videos in the page.

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Climate Pledge Cards: Activity G

We have prepared printable cards to accompany the Schools' Climate Pledges activity as part of 1.5 MAX 2021. You may wish to create cards yourself as part of that activity, but if not you can use one of the templates provided, in PDF-document and PNG-image formats.